Couples Events

Our couples events are fun, casual competitions that include golf, a delicious meal and prizes.  Come join the fun.  
We have 9-hole and 18-hole events.  Sign up with the pro shop.  (252) 973-0800

Entry Fees (per couple):
  9-Hole Events 18-Hole Events
Member Couples $30 $40
Non-Member Couples $60 $80
Mixed Couples $45 $60


Wednesday, March 27 9-Holes 5pm
Wednesday, April 17 9-Holes 5pm
Wednesday, May 8 18-Holes 5:30pm
Wednesday, June 12 9-Holes 5:30pm
Wednesday, July 24 9-Holes 5:30pm
Wednesday, August 14 9-Holes 5:30pm
Wednesday, September 11 9-Holes 5pm
Sunday, October 6 18-Holes 1pm